Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Master Speaks

Seeing - I

 Unconditional seeing :-

For human beings, seeing happens mostly with preconceived notions. Most of us see an object or a situation, based on a purpose. Because of this tendency,  movies and going for holiday trips relaxes us, since the seeing there happens unconditionally (a visual experience). Since seeing happens only with the mind we always see with an opinion. This habit actually prevents us from seeing an object, a person or a situation clearly.

    There is always a curtain of words (thoughts & emotions) preventing the mind from seeing clearly.

   The mind walks before me.
   When the walking mind feels.
    It becomes "that".

   Here the mind dissolves in the object, situation or a person.
   This brings a sort of awareness in the seeing helping us to see an object as it is.

" My opinion of myself is seeing my opinion of others" -- A.V.Ilango

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