About Us

   Ilango’s Artspace was launched by eminent artist Shri. A.V.Ilango on the first floor, at 68 A Cathedral Road, Chennai, in October 2003. Now it has moved to a larger place, in the elegant building No 62, 3rd Floor, 3rd Street, Abhiramapuram, Chennai – 600018.

   Shri. A.V.Ilango has been teaching drawing and painting for more than thirty years.

   This art space is not only his studio, but a place where he nurtures creativity in other minds, from little children to adults. The objective is the process of drawing and painting to express oneself in visual arts while enjoying the act of thinking and creating in an informal and personalized ambiance.

   Ilango says: “Art lets you be in the now.” He believes in the traditional guru-sishya pedagogy. The learning is customized, based on the aptitude, sensibility and passion of the aspirants. Ilango’s showcases the young artists who practice under his guidance in India and abroad. In the past thirty years Ilango has produced quite a number of successful artists.

Concepts involved in teaching art at the Artspace

1.   Seeing
2.   Removing the preconceived notions
3.   Understanding the nature of the object
4.   Internalizing the nature of the object
5.   Understanding the object with respect to time and space
6. Understanding the individual spaces without losing the awareness of the whole

Working hours: 10.30 a.m. to 6 p.m.

                          Monday to Saturday 
                          (Sunday Holiday)

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