Practicing art was one of the paths to achieve liberation in Indian thought. Visual art was considered as a best way of understanding and admiring the grand design of the universe and its existence. An artist who takes this journey travels inwards with his external experiences; he or she transcends dimensions of space and time tasting fractions of the great bliss that the nature constantly derives in its creative pursuit.
       The arts in India are living examples of the country's secular fabric and cultural diversity. They include a variety of folk and classical forms of music and dance, theatre, puppetry, clay work, visual arts, and crafts from every region of India. Learning any of these arts would enrich the lives of our young citizens, not only in their growing years but also throughout their lives.
      Children when trained from a very young age in visual art practice will become lateral thinkers in future, they will be creative in any field they get in to making them leaders not followers. Apart from this practicing art can heal and settle problems like adsd, dyslexia, multiple personality syndrome and depression in children and adults as well.  The demand for an integrated art curriculum with a focus on creative needs of the society with contemporary demands made us decide that an institution with an Indian ideology and a holistic approach to visual art, along with a need to heal mentally challenged children and adults with art practice is very much a need of the time. This institution will promote Inter cultural expressions by integrating other art forms.

Art can settle restlessness.
Art can be meditative,
Art can transform a person in to a very balanced individual.
Every child should learn any creative expression to become a lateral thinker.
Children with creative approach grow up to become leaders, not the followers. 

Coming home to earth
  • Seeing
  • perceiving
  • experimenting
  • experiencing
  • internalizing
  • becoming
  • being
Art can be perceived as....

   Feeling with the eyes

    seeing with the hands

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