Sunday, June 22, 2014

Master Speaks

Seeing and Drawing      

 Drawing an object on a surface is not just making an impression of the object or a situation. It is actually drawing the object in to our conscious space; it is like drawing water from the well. Seeing for a person happens only inside the brain / mind. So when a seeing happens with full awareness of the object or a situation, the person seeing feels the object in all its dimensions, internalizes it, becoming ‘that’ and being ‘that’ happens. This process of seeing aligns the person, both internally and externally, with nature.
       When this type of seeing is practiced, the mind becomes quite and a sense of silence is felt by the person, it leads to a meditative awareness of the object of interest. In this state, the mind feels the object in all its dimensions, when this feeling mind dissolves a blissful state is attained.
       Practicing drawing this way can settle ADHD, Dyslectic and emotional problems of children and adults. When every child between 5 and 12 years of age practice art they become creative and have capacities to think laterally. This ability can lead them to become leaders rather than followers in any field.
    The practice of seeing this way can lead a person towards silence, peace within and ultimately towards realization and enlightenment.

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